How Often Should You Perform Technical Website Crawls for SEO?

How Often Should You Perform Technical Website Crawls for SEO?

There is no one-size-fits-all schedule for technical website crawls. Learn about the factors that affect the frequency of crawls for SEO.


Web crawling and web scraping are not the same. Find out their main differences and use cases.
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– Types of Data Analytics –

00:00 Intro
00:53 What is web crawling?
01:16 What is web scraping?
01:40 How web crawling works
02:38 How web scraping works
03:09 Tools for data gathering
03:58 Use cases
04:40 Comparison: web crawling vs scraping
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▶ About this video:
What is web crawling?
Web crawling is the process of using tools to read, copy and store the content of the websites for archiving or indexing purposes.
Basically, it is what search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo do. They use crawling to look through the websites, discover what content they include, and build entries for search engine index.

What is web scraping?
Web scraping is the process of extracting a large amount of specific data from online sources. The extracted data is often further interpreted and parsed by data analysts to make more balanced business decisions.

These 4 Factors Help Your Site Appear on Google | Crawlability and Indexability

How do search engines find and catalog websites for their search results? Crawling and indexing!

For a site to show up in search engines, it has to be crawlable and indexable, but what, exactly, does that mean?

Will is going to tell you all about crawlability and indexability in this video, so get ready! His knowledge of search engines is almost…*magical*

Links mentioned in the video:
(How Google’s algorithm works)
(Our link building video)
(Our XML sitemaps video)

Video outline:
00:00:00 // Introduction to search engine crawlers
00:00:29 // Introduction to the index
00:01:00 // What are crawlability and indexability?
00:01:37 // How do you know if your site is indexed?
00:01:55 // How to get your site pages crawled and indexed
00:01:58 // Internal linking
00:02:46 // Backlinks
00:03:17 // XML sitemaps
00:03:57 // Robots.txt

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Website Crawling Tool For SEO Tech Audits | Sitebulb Review

‘ll be showing you site bulb what it is and why you should be using it. Sitebulb is a program that anyone can use and be able to identify key hit points to fix for your website.

Site bulb is very similar to deep crawl and screaming frog and it offers a lot of similar functionality. It’s a simple tool that anyone can use all you have to do is plug in your URL and it’ll do that crawl for you.

The price point for Site bulb is similar to other tools where it costs about 10 euros a month for the subscription. Site bulb is a great tool for finding technical issues for your websites at a similar price point compared to other industry leaders like Screaming Frog.

On-Page Optimization | On-Page SEO – SEO Tutorial |Best Seo Agency | Digiwise Technologies

On-page optimization, also known as on-page SEO, refers to optimizing individual web pages to improve their search engine ranking and attract more organic traffic. Digiwise Technologies is a leading SEO agency specializing in on-page optimization strategies.

1.) keyword Research
2.) URL Mapping
3.) URL Structure
4.) Image Optimization
5.) Content Optimization

Every point you need to focus on todays. SEO in 2023

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