Remember When Keywords Mattered Most in PPC? Well, That’s Changing

Remember When Keywords Mattered Most in PPC? Well, That's Changing

Keywords in SEM are starting to serve less value. Learn what's causing this change and where you can shift your focus instead.

Google Ads PPC Keyword Research Tool | Adwords Spreadsheet

GOOGLE ADS PPC KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOL | ADWORDS SPREADSHEET /// This is our Google Ads Pay-Per-Click Keyword Research Spreadsheet Tool.

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This is one of the PPC tools we can’t live without, our Google Adwords keyword spreadsheet. These is the same Excel keyword research spreadsheet that we use when we’re building out new PPC campaigns. Enter in your keywords and sort them out. Then we upload them ALL AT ONCE using Google Adwords Editor.

This is the ONLY keyword research for PPC tool that we use on a daily basis.

Google Ads Text Ad Generator Spreadsheet:

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