SEO Reports: Which Metrics Matter & How to Use Them Well

SEO Reports: Which Metrics Matter & How to Use Them Well

There is an overwhelming amount of data available to SEO professionals. Discover how to identify and present key reporting metrics to your clients.

Track SEO Metrics and Results | Free SEO Course | Lesson 10

This is the final lecture of our free SEO course where we’ll talk about the most important SEO metrics and how to monitor results in SEO. Joseph will show you the things he usually tracks, the tools he uses to track the performance of the strategy, and will even teach you to create your first SEO dashboard!

00:00 Intro
00:57 Key SEO metrics
03:36 How to schedule tasks using SEO PowerSuite
06:16 How to use Google Analytics
09:24 How to create SEO dashboards
12:56 Conclusion

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Track SEO Metrics and Measure SEO Success | SEO Guide for Marketing Managers

Your SEO metrics will tell you if what you’re doing is working for your website.

Without metrics for your SEO campaign, you’ll be left without a way to determine if your efforts have been successful and what to do for your future campaigns.

SEO analysis expert Will has the low-down on how to measure your SEO success like the professionals.

00:00:00 // Why SEO metrics matter
00:00:20 // Overview of how to measure your SEO campaigns
00:00:30 // Common SEO metrics
00:01:08 // Setting SMART SEO goals
00:02:00 // Tools for tracking SEO metrics
00:02:50 // How long it takes to see SEO results

When planning your SEO campaign, it’s important to set SMART goals so you know what you want to achieve. SMART stands for:

SMART goals help both SEO beginners and experienced SEO professionals keep their campaigns focused.

You might not see significant SEO results immediately, and that’s okay! If you haven’t done SEO in the past, it may take a year or so to start seeing your website in the search results.

As long as you’re learning and practicing the SEO basics, your website and its visitors will reap the benefits.

This video is part of our SEO Guide for Marketing Managers series. Check out the rest of our SEO training videos on our channel:

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How to do SEO for the first time —
The long-term impact of SEO —

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SEO Reporting, The Best Reports for Search Engine Optimization

This video was inspired by a blog post:

In this video, we learn about SEO reporting. These are the search engine optimization reports that your boss wants to see. They are also the reports that can help you maximize your SEO efforts the most.

SEO Tutorial – Data Analysis & Reporting [Case Study // Part 5]

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A detailed breakdown of a recent client case study where we helped a cannabis ecommerce store increase organic traffic and conversions over 290% during an 8 month period. This case study chronicles our “5 Phases” approach to SEO campaigns:

Phase 1:
Phase 2:
Phase 3:
Phase 4:

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